• Providing Emergency Service For Your Community
  • Expedient and Efficient Service
  • Providing Qualified Professionals to Assist You

Community associations can experience a wide variety of complex, unexpected, and overwhelming situations, many times without any advanced warning. Board’s of Directors find themselves dealing with issues such as hurricanes. They suddenly are facing problems such as life safety, evacuation of residents, storm preparation, and damage control. Fires sometimes occur with devastating results. A major leak in a high-rise building can cause extensive damage, including mold, to any number of units on the floors below. Buildings can become subject to collapse due to termite infestation or even sink holes depending on the geographic area in which they are located. These are just some examples of situations that can and do occur.

Board Members may find themselves involved with claims adjusters, attorneys, engineers, specialty contractors, and even governmental agencies. Navigating through this daunting process is where we come in.

Resource Property Management will work with board members, claims adjusters, attorneys, engineers, specialty contractors, and governmental agencies to help facilitate the complete resolution of the situation. We will provide the necessary communication channels between the association, its residents and the necessary providers. A supervisor will be assigned to work with the community association manager and the board to assist, mitigate damage and ensure project completion.