Letter To Our Boards – 3/20/20

Dear Valued Client:

As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to spread, Resource Property Management wants to ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date information regarding our business operations. We are constantly monitoring updates provided by the CDC and the State of Florida and have taken steps to limit personal contact between the staff and visitors to our office. Rest assured that Resource has plans in place for business continuity and we do not expect significant interruption in the daily management of your association. The updated management and financial software employed by Resource enables our staff to work remotely. Staff members have been provided the necessary hardware including computers, printers, scanners, internet-based phones, etc. to make the transition to remote operations seamless. Our emergencyoperation plan is as follows.


All communication, whether by phone (including after hour emergency services), email or through the One Source web portal will continue as usual. Our internet based (VOiP) phone system has the capability of connecting our staff with our offices regardless of their location.

Access to Our Corporate Offices

All Resource Property Management office lobbies are closed to the public to limit exposure to our staff and visitors. We will continue to work behind closed doors, or in some cases remotely, thus allowing us to service your Association without the risk of person to person contact. Access to any office will be by appointment only and only granted if absolutely necessary. Phone lines will remain open and 24-7 emergency service (727-346-4769) will continue as normal. Drop off and deliveries will be handled through mail slots and/or bins at each corporate office location. This will include sales and lease forms, architectural review forms and we urge electronic submittal of these forms when possible. Gate remotes will still be available at our offices but we ask that recipients maintain social distancing when picking up. Alternatively, clients may opt to receive remotes and barcodes via mail. Gate code programming will continue as usual via phone or email.


We expect no interruption in the normal duties of the accounting department including the processing of homeowner payments, vendor invoice payment s, collection of past due assessments and production of the monthly financial reports. We will temporarily suspend client check signing and ask that approval of invoices be accomplished via email.

Board Meetings

Until further notice Resource will not attend Board meetings in person. We recommend that the Board meet only when absolutely necessary and only via phone and video conferencing. RPM is well equipped to hold meetings remotely.

Property Inspections

Our managers will maintain their regular property inspection schedule, but we ask that they do so unaccompanied in order to maintain a safe social distance. The same holds true for our field personnel who we expect to continue their normal routine but avoid contact with owners and vendors as much as possible.

On Site Management Offices

For the safety of our managers and clients, we recommend that the onsite management offices be closed to the public and that contact with the manager be limit ed to phone or email.

Use of Association Amenities

After exhaustive discussion with industry attorneys, RPM recommends that all common area amenities including the pool area, clubhouse, fitness centers, common area meeting rooms, locker rooms etc. be closed until the threat of infection passes. Additionally, the board should consider cancelling any community gatherings including committee meetings, social groups or any group related travel.

Resource is committed to doing all we can to keep our staff and clients safe during this unprecedented time in our history. Due to the fluid nature of this event, we will continue to monitor the CDC updates and share this information with our staff and clients regularly. We know this is a stressful time for many and we believe that these measures are necessary for the health and safety of our staff, our clients and our community.

On behalf of the entire Resource family I wish you, your family and your association member’s good health and comfort as we navigate this challenging time.

Debra Reinhardt, CEO

Resource Property Management

1 thoughts on “Letter To Our Boards – 3/20/20

  1. George Vaughan says:

    We live in Rosedale, until now our community is virus free. To maintain this , we need to monitor outsiders entering, particularly to play golf. I realize the course is semi-private, but I think closing course down to members only would be a sagacious declaration. All it takes is for one outsider from say New York carrying the virus to expose the whole community.

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