2 thoughts on “Pool Opening Information

  1. Monica Miller says:

    I just received a letter saying that I owe 125.00 for HOA I have my receipts I pat 2 months interface every month to keep a head please check your records please I live at 8034 Merrimac Dr PR 34668 my account no is. 4881097 if u could please please check your records I am having a very hard time not being able to have worked because of virus I no I paid. I have receipts and will copy and send you if there mistake please let me no so I can take care of this please and could you give me some sort of break .on this so we have time to figure out what happen please I will be sending copy of the receipts to you thank you I have just started back to work this week Thank you very much, it has been a hard year on me since my husband has passed I just got out of private getting things back together so I can start living and hopefully enjoying Timberoaks so could please please check my account and let me no there is mistake somewhere Thanks again Monica Miller

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